You have good friends?

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Friends and DUI drivers.

The moral of the story is make sure you have good friends.

You may think you have great friends but they may be shady and stab you in the back. They may even not care about you as much as you think.

My story involves girls but I still consider my friends but we aren’t as close.

In our younger days we would always go out to the club or to a house party. Everybody wanted to drink and have a good time so it was hard though to designate as a driver. Usually I would volunteer because I don’t like drinking as much. I can still have a good time without some alcohol.

On occasion, I do like to drink and have a good time on special occasions, like my birthday. My friend would get so drunk that sometimes I would have to take them to my own house and take care of them. It got kind of old real fast.

But at the end of the day I did it with love because these are people I considered my best friends.

Then on September 2, a very magical day because it’s my birthday, I want to have a good time and drink with my friends. I asked everybody in the room who was going to drive for me on my birthday.

Everyone gave me a lousy excuse as to why they couldn’t drive; my car is dead, my car does not fit everybody, I don’t want to drive, I want to drink and have fun.

I could not believe it.

These people who I didn’t think twice about being a designated driver to more than once had denied and try to find an excuse and away around being a driver on my birthday.

Guess who had to drive. Me.

Yes I still drove! I drove because it was my birthday and I was not going to let that tear me down.

I still had a good time because my brother decided to come to the rescue and drive for me on my birthday. I could avoided this mistake by just getting a taxi or limo. There are great limo services in town and I decided to drive instead of risking our lives.

Next time I’m in that sort of situation I want to find new friends and I’m going to hire a limo all by myself and my brother.

View here, to see what limo company I’m talking about. Make sure you are safe when you want to drink.

Honeybee can love. Peace.

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Revenge? Get in the best shape of your life!

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Sometimes you meet assholes.

You never know when you going to meet them you just do for some reason. It may be karma or it may be a life lesson. Regardless just learn from their experience and move on.

I’ve met my fair share of assholes one of them in particular was a previous boyfriend. We were together for about eight months and I thought I was in love.

He made me feel like I was in love.

At the end of that all he decided to move to Long Beach to pursue his dreams and go to school there. He failed to mention that he was going to leave me behind.

The worst part about it is I told him that I loved him a gets worse because he told me he loved me back. I thought for sure we were going to be together and I was going to move to Long Beach with him.

Boy I was wrong.

The next two days after I told them I love them and after you told me you loved me, he broke up with me.

I cried and cried and cried like any other usual break up. Then one day I looked in the mirror and thought to myself well obviously there’s something wrong there some thing there’s a reason why you left you. I looked at myself from head to toe and realized Damn I got big.

Not too big like obese big, but big where you can notice because I used to be fit and skinny.

About two months after the break up and I realize this I decided to change. I decided to use the break up of the motivation to change my life. I told myself I was going to be the most fit girl anybody has ever seen. I started to see a personal trainer.

My personal trainer tour me to shreds, especially on the first day. Man that was the toughest thing I’ve ever had to do. I’ve never felt better. I looked so good. And guess what?

That person that broke my heart a few months ago tried to come back. I said no way Jose. That’s not his real name ha ha. But I knew my words I knew that I was looking good and that I deserve the best. A year later I’m at the man of my dreams. And we’ve been together ever since.

He is the definition of a true man. He has made me feel like no one else matters to him but me. When he tells me that you love me I believe it by the way that he looks at me, by the way that he treats me, by the way that he respects me and my family.

I don’t know what the future holds but what I know is that right now I am in love with this man and I know I wouldn’t of gotten to him if I didn’t look at myself in the mirror.

Go see my trainer for your transformation to feel confident in your own body and you being control of your life.

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